Pork Tenderloin Recipe

pork tenderloin recipe
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Pork Tenderloin Recipe – It is always nice to eat the best part of the meat. By following this easy pork tenderloin recipe, you will taste the delicious of slice “Pork Gentleman’s Cut” with whole grain and sweetened by the honey sauce. Before you are successfully making your own food, it is better for you to know a little bit about pork tenderloin. The tenderloin could be found in the mayor’s psoas muscle along the central back. This is the best part of the pork, so that is why you will get the softest part.

Compared to the other part, called sirloin, tenderloin contains less fat. It is good for everyone who is in a diet program or applying a healthy life style. However, the taste of tenderloin is milder. So, if you are more interested in juicy and fatty meat, then you should choose sirloin. But, remember the appearance and taste of meat depend on how you cook. So, follow each step of this pork tenderloin recipe to get the best slice of meat ever.

Making this pork tenderloin recipe won’t take you many times. Besides it is easy, it is also perfect for you who simply don’t have much time. The main focus is when you are roasting the pork tenderloin. And after all, just go along with simple steps. When you get it is finished, you can serve as your lunch or dinner. Complete it with any dishes like French fries, mashed potato, sausage, or any pasta. Let’s try to make your meal now!


  • 2 pork tenderloins
  • 2 tablespoons of whole grain mustard
  • 3 tablespoons honey (or based on your taste)
  • A cup of lemon juice
  • 3 cloves garlic, chopped
  • 3 tablespoons of olive oil
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Thyme (leaves only)
  • Sugar


  1. Set your oven for preheating to 350 – 370 degrees. Then, set the pork tenderloin in a large resealable bag with water inside (add the salt and sugar first). Make sure you are already removed the excess of fat or silver.
  2. Before you place into a large bowl, seal the bag first. Place inside the refrigerator until 30 minutes. After that, take it out and remove from the brine. Rinse all off the tenderloin surface with water and pat it dry. You can use a paper towel before putting into the pan.
  3. While you are letting the tenderloin in the refrigerator, you can make the sauce. Take a bowl to combine the mustard, lemon juice, honey, garlic, thyme leaves, and olive oil. Mix it and make sure all ingredients are combined. Once it is ready and the tenderloin is set, pour over the pork surface.
  4. Put in that mixture pork in the oven for approximately 30 minutes. Basting it with lemon juice every 10 minutes.
  5. When it gets near the last 10 minutes, it is better for you to cover them with foil. Or you can see the marinade is starting to burn as the sign.
  6. Remove the pork from the oven, prepare your plate then place on it. Don’t remove the foil until 10 – 15 minutes. If you open the foil right after from the oven, you will get lost of juice because it has not been absorbed well into the meat.


  • As the option, you can use the Dijon mustard. Also, to make the taste juicier, you can change the lemon juice with apple juice or apple cider vinegar.
  • Making this pork tenderloin recipe can also run with the skillet. But, make sure you set it in a high heat first. You need to adjust the heat too to get it baked well. As the final step, it is the same not to off the foil before 10 minutes rest.
  • Double mustard will make your meal more fun. It would be nicer if you already put whole grain mustard then add more Dijon mustard on there.

Pork Tenderloin Recipe

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